Why Donald Trump Should Pardon Edward Snowden

“Edward Snowden Eyes DDC_8317”, by Thierry Ehrmann, licensed under CC BY 2.0 (https://flic.kr/p/f2yN36)

His leaks led to institutional intelligence reforms

It wouldn’t be the worst of Trump’s pardons

Several prominent Republicans already publicly support it

It would be one of Trump’s last opportunities to tarnish Obama’s legacy

The nature in which the pardon power was used by the President Obama is significantly at odds with that of Trump. Not only because of the individuals Trump has so far chosen to pardon, but also for the methodology that drives those choices.


Trump’s use of executive power has largely been self-serving. However, a pardon for Snowden is in my opinion good policy, and could be one of the most Trump-like things the President could do — which is exactly why he should do it before he heads out the door.

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